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Updated last: 15 December 2014
This report presents the test results for sorting technologies for rigid plastic. Tests were conducted at five sorting facilities around Europe.

In line with the overall aim of the Plastic Zero project the purpose of the tests was to obtain information on the degree of sorting of collected household rigid waste plastics and on the costs of sorting and transport of waste plastics. This report presents the test results of rigid plastics at five sorting facilities in Europe. The facilities in the test separate the standard thermoplastics (PET, HDPE, PP and LDPE) and a little PS. Other plastic types such as PC and PVC are not separated at the facilities. The rigid plastic waste stream from Copenhagen comprises not just packaging but also other items, e.g. toys, household products, pipes, and items larger than 400 mm in size. In particular, large items often seem to pose a challenge to the sorting.

The results may be used to suggest criteria for tenders for sorting of waste plastics. The information gained has also been used to suggest possible criteria for tenders to be used by others who want to contract plastic recycling facilities.
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The full note on the tested facilities is available here.
The tests are assessed in the report Comparative Assessment of the Tested Technologies, which can be found here.
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