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Updated last: 22 September 2014




Road Map
Road mapping is a method for developing strategies designed to meet a given overall aim. The purpose of this report is to guide a local authority or other interested parties in conducting a road mapping process, which aims at developing a strategy for reducing waste plastics through more and better waste prevention and recycling.

Examples and experience from Plastic Zero are used throughout the report to illustrate how road mapping can be undertaken.

You can find the Road map here

Mapping of waste plastics in partner cities
These surveys analyse the plastic waste situation in the Plastic Zero partner cities. This will include waste plastic sources, types, and generated amounts, collection and treatment schemes, and regulatory measures on plastic waste.  

Mapping of Waste Plastic


Models for the assessment of future plastic waste amounts
A model for assessing future plastic waste amounts has been developed. It is intended as a tool for assessment of annual waste amounts on national, regional and local levels based on available waste data combined with certain economic forecasting parameters. The reports present the forecasted amounts for partner cities.

Assessment models

Reviews on plastic waste in the municipal waste stream
These reviews provide information on regulation and its implementation, options for sorting plastic waste, recycling technologies and methods, capacities in the systems, investment and operation costs, etc. in countries with high recycling levels and high quality sorting and recycling systems. The focus in the reviews is to identify and analyse barriers and constraints for efficient plastic waste prevention and increased recycling.    


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