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Report on technologies and options for plastic waste prevention

Updated last: 24 October 2014

Despite the many good intentions waste prevention measures seem to be lacking consistency and have been focused on the low-hanging fruits. There is a need for understanding which measures are available for preventing waste plastic and which actors in the value chain that are able to implement these.

The report consists of three main parts. One, the theoretical background for working with waste prevention, aimed at giving stakeholders a general understanding of what waste prevention is and what it is not. Two, review of measures for waste prevention including illustrated examples in relation to the value chain. Third, waste preventive measures directed specifically towards the most relevant plastic products and plastic waste flows.

Plastic waste prevention can be promoted by many stakeholders throughout the entire life cycle.  Producers, distributors, retailers, businesses, consumers and the waste management sector (collectors, sorters and re-processors) were identified as stakeholders, and the life cycle included the design and manufacturing (including extraction and production), distribution, use and waste management.

The full report can be downloaded here

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