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Recycling & Recovery of Plastic Materials

Updated last: 22 September 2014



Market Conditions for Recycled Plastics
In this report the current state of the market for recycled plastic is analysed and market barriers and opportunities for further recycling is identified. 

Market conditions for plastic recycling

Test Notes on Practical Test & Demonstration Initiatives
Five tests on sorting of rigid waste plastics from the City of Copenhagen. 

More information about the tests.

Comparative Assessment of the Tested Technologies
The report presents an assessment of five tested sorting facilities of rigid waste plastics in Copenhagen. 

More information about the test.

Life Cycle Assessments
Environmental assessments of various products and services. 

More information on conducted LCA's.

Prevention of virgin plastic in Clinical Waste Bins
Survey of new market opportunities for recycled plastics by designing clinical waste bins of recycled plastic rather than virgin plastics. 

Read the report here.

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