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Prevention of incineration of Clinical Waste Bins

Updated last: 22 September 2014

The new collection scheme for rigid plastics in the City of Copenhagen, has made it possible for Plastic Zero to assess the composition of the collected waste plastic and the individual sorting facilitites' capability in sorting.

It is one thing to collect and sort waste plastics, but if the material is not utilised appropriately the environmental benefits disappear. This study aimed at investigating the potential benefits of using recycled post-consumer plastics for Clinical Waste Bins, instead of bins made from virgin plastics.

Clinical Waste Bins

As Clinical Waste Bins are legally required to be incinerated (as hazardous waste), substituting the virgin material with recycled plastics prevents the emission of CO2 supporting the Climate target of the City of Copenhagen - Carbon Neutrality in 2025.

Download the full report here.

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