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Market conditions for plastic recycling

Updated last: 22 September 2014

Plastic Zero has interviewed stakeholders from the partner countries and European associations to gather information and analyse the current state of market for recycled plastic. The report also identifies market barriers and opportunities for further recycling.

Market trends identify a potential for increasing recycling of residual waste from households and commerce as well as from the construction and demolition industry. Citizens need to be more participatory in the recycling schemes and the choice of collection systems is an important consideration with great impact on plastic recycling.

Common for Denmark, Finland and Sweden is for the supply of waste plastic to be volatile and fluctuating. This situation has given rise to significant uncertainties when evaluating the economical viability of existing and/or planned future recycling facilities. Standards on plastic in contact with food, as set by the European Food Safety Agency, are stringent and disfavours the use of recycled plastic.

 The EU recycling infrastructure seems to be changing towards more effective recycling of other plastics types than PET, since the demand for PET is virtually satisfied in the contemporary market. However, more investments are needed to concretize this vision of expansion. Additionally critical mass for alternative waste plastic streams does remain a precondition for economic viability of recycling facilities and its materialization may prove to be another barrier.

The report can be downloaded from this link:   Market for recycled Polymers 

The relevant annexes for the report can downloaded here.


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