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Layman's Report

Updated last: 22 September 2014

This report presents the results of Plastic Zero with the hope to inspire further action to enhance plastic resource efficiency. The overall objective of the Plastic Zero project was to reduce wasteful use of plastic made from fossil based oil, save non-renewable resources and enable carbon neutral energy production from waste. We investigated how to prevent waste plastics and increase the recycling rate.

Additional information came from interviews with European stakeholders and site visits, plus review of literature in the field. Challenges and difficulties revealed in the process are equally important experiences and will also be discussed.

Based on the experiences from the process we have developed a guideline on how to make a road map. Our intention is to give inspiration on possible measures to tackle the issue in similar projects. The main target group is local authorities, waste management companies and producer responsibility organizations in charge of plastic waste management. These actors are of special interest because they have the capacity to take regulatory initiatives.

Laymans Report


  • To identify the main challenges and barriers for reducing waste plastics in the residual waste stream, in order to stimulate prevention and recycling of waste plastics
  • To promote recycling of plastic polymers as a substitute for virgin plastic
  • To divert waste plastics from incineration (enabling residual waste to become a carbon neutral energy source) and landfill

An important feature of the Plastic Zero project has been to set up collaborative forums involving public and private stakeholders. The forums aim at identifying and analyzing relevant interfaces between the partners in the value chain, and providing the necessary support and incentives for setting up collaboration aimed at making value chains more sustainable. Involving all stakeholders in the value chain gives innovative opportunities to rethink product design.

Plastic Zero is a 3-year LIFE+ project started in September 2011 and finalised in August 2014. Partners are three cities, three waste management companies and one university.

Read the Layman's Report here:
English version, Finnish version, German version, Latvian version 

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