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Comparative Assessment of Tested Technologies

Updated last: 22 September 2014

The purpose of the tests and the assessment is to gain information on how to achieve the highest possible recycling rate of collected household rigid waste plastics. The results of the comparative assessment can be used to evaluate specific facilities that may be viable options for treating of the waste plastics from the City of Copenhagen, but may also be used to suggest possible criteria for tenders for sorting of waste plastics.

Comparative Assessment 3  Comparative Assessment 1  Comparative Assessment 2

The purpose of the study has been:
  • To analyse the present options for recycling and determine the need for innovation of new technologies and systems for recycling of the specific waste materials.
  • To compare cost and CO2-emissions from transportation to each facility
  • To use the comparative assessment and test results to suggest possible criteria which could implemented in tenders

 The report can be downloaded here.

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