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Updated last: 27 October 2014




Survey on existing technologies and methods for plastic waste sorting and collection
This survey provides basic knowledge on collection and sorting technologies.
Different kinds of collection schemes commonly used for collection of dry recyclables and the efficiency of plastic waste collection are presented.

Sorting technologies applied in modern sorting facilities are described based on information from conducted site visits and literature review. The types of materials targeted, the sorting efficiencies of the technologies, the limitations faced with the current technologies and other technical aspects are analysed.

Survey on existing technologies and methods for plastic waste sorting and collection

Report on assessment of relevant recycling technologies
The report describes the most commonly used sorting technologies and application options for recycled plastic under present market conditions in Europe. The connection between input material (bottles, source separated, residual waste), technology choice, quality of the secondary plastic material and the application options of the material are described and to a certain extent quantified.

Other relevant issues, such as barriers for application, costs and revenues as well as environmental issues are briefly touched upon.

Report on relevant recycling technologies 

Forums and demo-projects on collection, sorting and recycling
An important part of Plastic Zero has been to establish collaborations across various value chains. In this section the collaborative forums in relation to collection, sorting and recycling are presented.

Forums & Demo-projects in connection to collection, sorting and recycling

Plastic waste consultancy
Information and consultancy on appropriate waste management and recycling has been carried out in the City of Copenhagen. Private enterprises have been visited and consulted on how to increase the recycling rate of the waste generated in the company.

Note on plastic waste consultancy

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