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Collaborative Forums & Demo-projects - Collection, Sorting & Recycling of Plastic Waste

Updated last: 30 October 2014

Following the same principles as in the Prevention section, collaborative forums have been established between stakeholders across the value chain of waste plastic collection and sorting.

Collaborative forums provide a space for analyses, idea generation and tests, gathering the stakeholders of a value chain to discuss possibilities and barriers to preven­tion and improved sorting/separation.

This includes; plastic manufacturers, product manufacturers, waste plastics collectors and re-processors. Each forum has been facilitated by a Plastic Zero partner, who also secured networking with relevant experts and consultants.

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Forums & demo-projects on collection, sorting and recycling
This report presents the main findings and learning gained from forums and demo-projects on sorting and collection of plastic waste. The initiatives span from small local initiatives to municipal waste management scheme pilots. 

Forums & Demo-projects in connection to collection, sorting and recycling

Increased recyclability of plastic packaging - design criteria for primary packaging
In cooperation with COOP, Dansk Supermarked, Arla Foods, Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S and Danish Technological Institute, a simple-to-read design guideline was developed. The guideline aims at communicating how to increase improve the recyclability of existing and future packaging designs. The guideline is supported by a technical appendix (in Danish only).

Criteria for increased recyclability of packaging (EN)

Kriterier til design af plastemballager (DA)

Teknisk bilag (DA)

LCA on Sticks'n Sushi plastic packaging
As part of the work conducted in the Danish Design Centre's project, Radical Reduction of Plastic Waste, a mMaster thesis was conducted with the subject of investigating the environmental impact of plastic packaging. Stick's Sushi agreed to be subject to the case study.

The master thesis provides an environmental and economic assessment of four waste management options for take-away food plastic packaging and was performed in collaboration with Plastic Zero, City of Copenhagen. The master thesis is conducted by Aikaterini-Nafsika Softa.

  1. Baseline - current practice, where the packaging is incinerated
  2. Recycling - a scenario where the packaging is collected and recycled as R-flakes
  3. Recycling - a scenario where the packaging is collected and recycled as food-grade R-flakes material
  4. Reuse - a deposit-and-return scenario where the packaging is made of another material and is reused 20 times.

Environmental and Economic Assessment of Management of Plastic Packaging Waste


More on Radical Reduction of Plastic Waste

Recycling of plastic in used beverage cartons.

Awaiting publication of the final assessment

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