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Collaborative forums and demo-projects - Prevention

Updated last: 21 October 2014

The forum format in Plastic Zero has been an attempt to gather all relevant stakeholders in the value chain of plastics. By that trying to enable them to work together, on a common quest, to find solutions for preventing plastic waste generation and further increase resource-efficiency through better collection and sorting techniques. 

Read the Report on Collaborative Forums & Tests on Prevention here.

In many ways Plastic Zero has tried something new - challenging the normal ways of conducting projects with involvement of stakeholders. Often, a project would be conducted by setting up a steering group, an advisory board and a working team. Instead, the forums have been arranged so the members shared an equal stake in each of these processes and decisions.

Forum Og Test And Trial Ikoner2

Every forum member had to bring something to the table and the members made collective decisions on which direction the forum should go. New knowledge has been brought in via the member's own practical experience, professional expertise or by inviting new target organisations to contribute and join the forum. All in all, this has enabled organisations to meet each other in their own contextual reality and share observations, viewpoints and ideas.  

Tests of innovative methods for sorting and collecting plastic waste

The reports in the table below present tests on innovative techniques, methods and procedures for sorting and collecting plastic waste in cooperation with practitioners and researchers.

Black Plastic leaflets
This leaflet describes the challenges and good advice for pro-environmental alternatives to black plastics in English and Danish.

Sort Plast brochure - DA
Black Plastic leaflet - EN

Radical Reduction of Plastic Waste
In cooperation with Danish Design Centre (DDC), a public private partnership was initiated that focused on identifying barriers and opportunities for innovative waste prevention methods within certain chosen plastic value streams. Danish Design Centre has published a final report describing the process and outcomes of the work.

Radical Reduction of Plastic waste

Report on Collection & Recycling of Paint Buckets
This report report investigates the practical and economic possibilities for recycling of waste paint buckets 

Read the full report here

LCA on Waste prevention of paint buckets
This report serves as Appendix 3 for the Report on Collection & Recycling of Paint Buckets.

Life Cycle Assessment of paint bucket recycling

Preventing the incineration of Clinical Waste Bins
In this study incineration of virgin plastics was sought prevented by designing a new type of bin constructed of recycled plastics.

More information about the test and design of the bins

Student studies on waste prevention of the EAT school food programme and car bumpers
In this activity civil engineer students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) worked in collaboration with Plastic Zero on investigating ways of radically decrease the environmental impacts of various products, including transition from products to Product-Service Systems (PSS).
Subject to the studies were the EAT school food programme at public schools in Copenhagen and waste prevention of car bumpers at Daugaard Biler A/S.

EAT Boxes - study poster (DA)

EAT gastro-containers - study poster (DA)

Car bumpers - study poster (DA)

Report on the EAT school food programme
In this report a short introduction to the EAT programme is given. Secondly, the two projects in collaboration with students from the Technical University of Denmark are presented. Finally a LCA conducted by the University of Aalborg is summarised, where the environmental impact of the current waste management scheme and packaging generated by the EAT programme are compared to an alternative scenario, with a reusable EAT packaging.


Find the report and LCA here

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