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Waste expert consultancy

Updated last: 4 July 2014

Plastic Zero has performed 120 waste expert consultancies, targeting the Copenhagen retail business and service sector. The aim has been to introduce and implement knowledge on proper sorting and collection of plastic waste and to prevent recyclable plastics from ending up in the waste for incineration. The reason for focusing on this particular segment is derived from a pilot project that the City of Copenhagen performed in 2011.

Great potentials to sort out plastic waste

Based on the consultancies performed, there are great potentials to sort out plastic waste - both rigid plastic and plastic films.

The retailers do a better job than the service sector, when it comes to sorting out the plastic waste.  These differences in practice may be explained in a greener and more sustainable culture within the retail business as they have a longer history dealing with reuse and recycling of waste materials. Furthermore, most companies are not aware of their responsibility to stay updated with legal requirements for handling their business waste. However, the most common cause, not to sort out properly, is due to lack of motivation, lack of time, interest and storage facilities.

The next phase for the Plastic Zero waste experts, will be to evaluate the advised waste management solutions and  see how many of the businesses who have actually implemented the waste solutions? 

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