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Visit to the Netherlands

Updated last: 15 April 2013

In March 2013 a team from Copenhagen Municipality visited the Netherlands as a part of the Plastic Zero Project. One of the purposes of the trip was to gain knowledge on the possibilities for automatic sorting household plastics. SITA Recycling Services was therefore paid a visit. The plant was established as a part of the producer responsibility on packaging, and is able to receive and sort both rigid plastics and films.

The team also visited NL Agency who among other things is responsible for the monitoring of waste and plastic recycling. The agency has a long history of waste monitoring and residual waste analysis, and thus has very good information on the collection potentials for plastics. Each month a new city has their residual waste analysed and household waste from around 40 households is sorted. The results of these form the basis of the collection potential for further improvement of collecting plastic packaging, data which goes back to the beginning of the 70ies.

The newly formed Centre of expertise for sustainable packaging was also visited. The focus of the centre is to involve the entire value chain in the work for sustainable packaging. One of the approaches the centre has taken to the task is to "consider packaging as a system for transport", which challenges and leads to a rethinking in the design phase and the producers to ask themselves "is this still the best way to pack this product"?

The team returned with many inspiring ideas and possible collaboration partners for the future work, as well as knowledge on the Dutch producer responsibility and their undertaken approach to solving the problem of rising plastic waste streams.

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