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"Waste" Visit from Greece

Updated last: 8 April 2013

The 22th February 2013 the Greek delegation consisting of Mayor Georgios Drikos of the municipality Mandras-Eidyllias, his Technical Advisor Tsoulos Konstantinos, Georgoutsos Georgios from the municipality of Amaroussion, Moustakas Konstantinos and Malamis Dimitrios from the Technical University of Athens arrived in Copenhagen to shear knowledge on innovative waste ressource management.

The Greek municipalities are facing many issues in their waste handling and combined with a growing waste volume in the larger cities, new inspiration is needed. Plastic Zero was glad to be able to give a thourough insight on the experiences and learnings we have had in dealing with the same issues in Copenhagen.

The party had a tour through the city central, viewing typical Copenhagen housing/apartment -conditions, a walk through at "CPH WASTE" who handles and distribute recovered waste resources and then finally a look at ARC (Amager Resource Center), one of the largest waste treatment plants in Denmark.

 The Plastic-Zero team was pleased to be able to gain insight in knowledge from the greek delegation and will in future work consider apportunities for household sorting.
We hope the best for the Greek LIFE waste project's. 



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