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Plastic Zero visited Trapholt Art & Design museum in Kolding

Updated last: 17 January 2014

Plastic Zero visited Trapholt art and design museum Sunday the 27th of October to give a presentation on plastic waste as a resource. The presentation was given as a part of theOut to Sea? exhibition which has been touring the globe.

The Exhibition focuses on plastic waste in the environment especially the plastic that ends up in the oceans and the severe consequences this has for the marine life. Trapholt, being an art and design museum, combined theOut to Sea?exhibition with a strong focus on the design phase of products in order to increase recyclability and to seek that the plastic waste arising from the obsolete products is recyclable and less problematic. The focus of the exhibition therefore correlated very well with the aim and work of the Plastic Zero project.

The presentation was given to the visitors of the art museum where many of them had specifically chosen to visit the museum on this Sunday in order to hear about the opportunities and challenges with plastic waste and recycling, as well as the experiences from the Plastic Zero project on this. The visitors participated with interesting questions and comments and helped ensure an inspiring knowledge sharing throughout the day.

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