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Plastic Zero visited ICLEI in Brussels

Updated last: 11 March 2014

On October 2rd 2013, the City of Copenhagen and the City of Malmö visited the ICLEI Brussels Office on behalf of Plastic Zero.

Founded in 1990, ICLEI is a worldwide network of over 1200 local governments who support local sustainability through programmes, campaigns and by offering information, tools, networking, training and consulting services.

ICLEI also operate the European Commission's Helpdesk on Green Public Procurement (GPP). Plastic Zero visited ICLEI Brussels Office to gain insight in their work on GPP. We were hosted by Mr. Defranceschi, Ms. Carniel and Ms. Rovesti.

The topic of the meeting was to discuss how GPP could be made relevant for plastics. ICLEI offered several important success factors which they had identified as being crucial for a broader adoption of GPP. In addition ICLEI provided substantial reference material of relevance to our purposes. Plastic Zero left the meeting with ICLEI inspired to continue its work on a GPP manual for plastics.

A warm thanks to our hosts for a very informative and inspiring meeting.


For more information on ICLEI Brussels Office and their areas of focus:

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