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Plastic Zero participated in a Genbrug er Guld event in Vanløse

Updated last: 17 January 2014

Collection of rigid plastics, metals and small electronics from households in Copenhagen has begun, and currently 75.2 tons of rigid plastic has been collected. Vanløse was therefore visited on a June Saturday by employees from the City of Copenhagen who met the citizens face to face to talk about the new collection schemes and about sorting of waste in general.

The team from the City of Copenhagen met a lot of interested people, keen on sharing their ideas and attitudes towards waste sorting. People were in good spirit, some were skeptic on how to be able to find room for the new containers in their yard, and how to find room for the sorted fractions in the apartment, and they did however see it as a challenge rather than an obstacle.

People were positive to the notion of sorting metals and rigid plastics for recycling, and liked that it would now be possible to dispose of their small electronics near their homes, thus saving the trip to the recycling station and the minimizing the temptation of putting these items with the residual waste.

The team had brought with them a collection of typical household waste items and invited the citizens to participate in a waste sorting game, to illustrate the new scheme.


De Tre Containere c

Picture by Ursula Bach

Quite a few people expressed that they were in fact sorting already and were paying specific attention to this. Some expressed concerns about what happens to the sorted fractions, if one of their neighbors polluted the sorted fractions with other types of waste.

This seems to be the case in some apartment complexes and made the residents feel powerless and sad that their own efforts might turn out to be a wasted. Other apartment complexes were functioning very well on these aspects, supporting the notion that a strong sense of community is necessary to ensure success of the collection schemes. 

The team from the City of Copenhagen offered to support the apartment complexes with additional information material and support  apartment complexes that feel the need for professional help on answering questions and explaining the reasons and needs behind the sorting and collection schemes.

The latter was appreciated but overall the residents felt a strong sense of ownership and commitment, and preferred to solve any problems with waste sorting themselves. The team considered this as very positive and as a strong and necessary basis for the success of the implementation of the new collection scheme.







Sorteringsspil I Vanløse

Picture by  Ursula Bach


Skraldevogn Og Container

Picture by Ursula Bach

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