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Plastic Zero and Danish Design Centre in cooperation

Updated last: 25 March 2013

Since august 2012 Plastic Zero has had an innovative cooperation with Danish Design Centre in the Project "Radical reduction of plastic waste".

The purpose of the project is to reduce the amount of plastic waste, primarily with focus on packaging waste. Denmark is the country in Europe that produces the most waste per citizen. Statistics have shown that the largest proportion of plastic waste comes from packaging from households making this fraction an interesting subject of investigation.

In cooperation with representatives from the packaging manufacturing business, retailers, food producers, and municipalities, focus has been put into innovative solutions for handling of the plastic waste. The initial point was an anthropological study of 8 families' handling of waste. Furthermore, two design companies have had the challenges to invent concepts for handling of the waste, based on the findings from the study. The participating companies have been, RCP Superfos, COOP, Arla and Sticks'n sushi. Two municipalities have also participated, City of Vejle, and the City of Copenhagen. Furthermore the organisations DAKOFA, The Danish Plastic industry, Copenhagen Cleantech Clusters and DTU nanotech has participated in workshops, and supported the project with knowledge.

The output has been a high level of knowledge sharing, and four concrete concepts.

  1. A closed loop recycling system of paint buckets
  2. A waste information app
  3. A take-away-and-come-back solution on sushi take-away packaging
  4. A user-involved motivation-driven sorting by citizens, driven by municipalities.

Future work

Next step will be to test two selected and promising concepts. The cases that will be tested are, in cooperation with Sticks'n sushi, a take-back solution on their take-away packaging, and, in cooperation with RCP Superfos a take-back and reuse system of plastic paint buckets. In each case the best reuse or recycling option will be considered, and evaluated with a lifecycle assessment. Furthermore there will be made a business case on each tested solution.

Plastic Zero is looking forward to continued cooperation and development of innovative solutions that will lead to more and better reuse of plastic and CO2 reduction.

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