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Pilot test on increased plastic collection rate at municipal institutions presented at ISWA Beacon Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

Updated last: 20 August 2014

In the frameworks of LIFE+ Project Plastic Zero representatives of Liepajas RAS Ltd. participated in ISWA Beacon 4th Conference on Waste Prevention and Recycling, which took place 16th and 17th of June in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the conference the main attention was paid on effective resource reuse (closing the loops) or in other words - waste prevention, reuse and recycling.

Participants from 15 countries representing different organizations such as city councils, waste management companies, as well as representatives from industrial and retail companies participated in the conference. Topics presented at the conference included textile reuse providing it as a leasing, eco-design for plastic packaging, circular economy, state-of-the-art recycling technologies, as well as sustainable city plans and strategies.

At the conference representatives of LiepajasRAS Maris Dubrovskis and Zane Siksna presented a pilot test on increased plastic collection rate at municipal institutions. The purpose of the pilot was to reduce the amount of plastics in the residual waste stream by offering waste sorting containers for offices, schools, kindergartens and private companies. 

The implementation of this test aims at promoting waste sorting at educational and municipal institutions. Furthermore, private companies are also welcome to take part and have the sorting bins at their offices. The test was implemented in cooperation with Liepaja City council and local waste management companies EKO Kurzeme Ltd. and Nordia Ltd.

Additional information about the conference and the presentations can be found on the conference's website:

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