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Last Steering Group meeting for Plastic Zero partners held in Malmö, 18th of June 2014

Updated last: 21 August 2014

Plastic Zero partners had a last Steering Group meeting on the 18th of June in sunny Malmö. The meeting included a study visit at återSKAPA, a center for creative re-use. In the Western Harbour an introduction was given by Cia Borgström, one of the people behind the project.

The main goal for återSKAPA is to unify schools, manufacturers and environmentalists by developing a sustainable reuse system that fosters creativity in education. Each month they have "drop-in-Art" workshops open to all: children and adults, learners and teachers, individuals and companies. They also do tailored workshops for different groups, for example teachers. återSKAPA is based around a unique materials bank - a collection of cast-offs and other pre-consumer waste materials collected from local manufacturers. What would normally be discarded as waste is given new purpose as hands-on learning material and crafts projects. Read more about återSKAPA here.

The center is a truly inspiring place to be! The entrance in itself makes you smile, and being surrounded by all the nice well organized materials made my fingers itch with creativity. We all got right into making our own little creations of leftover sock material, O-ring production, rubber dots, 3D-cinema glasses etc. Not a bad way to finalize a project about plastic waste prevention.

Last Steering Group meeting 1 Last Steering Group meeting 2 Last Steering Group meeting 3

Figure 1-3: åkerSKAPA, center for creative re-use.

On such a lovely day however, we also made time for a little tour through the Western Harbour area - Malmö's flagship for sustainable urban development. Read more about Malmö Western Harbour here.  

Last Steering Group meeting 4 Last Steering Group meeting 5 Last Steering Group meeting 6

 Figure 4-6: Western Habour, Malmö.



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