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Copenhagen source separates

Updated last: 15 April 2013

Collection of source separated rigid plastics from households was initiated in September 2012 and is planned to include all the quarters of Copenhagen by Marts 2014. Among our other projects the Plastic Zero team is responsible for ensuring the best possible recycling of the collected plastic. In order to get an idea of the quality and types of rigid plastics being collected the Plastic Zero team in Copenhagen therefore in February visited the facility where the collected rigid plastics are temporarily kept. It seems that the citizens in Copenhagen are sorting with eager and that they for the most part are doing it well. All in all the Plastic Zero team is confident that the source separation initiated in Copenhagen will lead to fossil CO2 reductions, as plastic is diverted from waste incineration. In continuation of the goals set by the Plastic Zero project the Plastic Zero team of course visited the facility by bikes.



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