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Conference "Resource efficiency - Closing the Loops"

Updated last: 11 March 2014

As a part of finalising the Plastic Zero Project, Copenhagen local authorities want to share the experiences they have made, and present the results they have achieved, through the project. This will happen on the 16th and 17th of June, in correlation to the fourth ISWA-Beacon conference hosted in Copenhagen and the theme is "Resource efficiency  -Closing the loops".

On the 16th the programme is focused on resource efficiency in general. The 17th of June is addressing issues connected to prevention and recycling of plastic waste and in the coffee break different partners to the Plastic Zero project will present outcomes of different pilots and cooperations. The oganisers have invited a wide range of professionals taking different approaches on waste, which should secure a solid foundation for knowledge sharing and a nuanced debate.

You can find the preliminary programme and register here.

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