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Sorting and Collection of Plastic Waste

Updated last: 14 June 2012

The purpose of this action is to:

  • Demonstrate innovative methods for plastic waste sorting and collection
  • Establish cooperatives forums for plastic waste sorting and collection in value chains
  • Conduct guidance and consultancy to enterprises in the private sector on collection and sorting of plastic waste

Cost-effective collection and sorting are the first two steps in a value chain for recycling of plastic waste, aiming at separating and upgrading valuable raw materials for new plastic manufacturing.

This activity implies review of existing technologies, assessment of their applicability and identification of barriers for implementation and includes organisational as well as technical, economical and behavioural aspects of the technologies.

Practical tests of innovative methods for collection and sorting of plastic waste will be conducted in close cooperation with local stakeholders such as private households, enterprises, waste collectors and waste facilities.

Collected And Baled Plastics

A key element is to introduce and implement knowledge of plastic waste prevention and cost-effective sorting in enterprises generating plastic waste. Therefore, the project will engage in capacity building by training a number of business waste specialists who can provide on-site support to enterprises.

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