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Recycling and Recovery of Plastic Waste

Updated last: 14 June 2012

The purpose of this action is to:

  • Investigate, develop and establish approaches and technologies for recycling of plastic waste
  • Conduct environmental assessments in a life-cycle perspective and assess market opportunities

Vast amounts of European plastic waste are exported for recycling outside the EU. The project will evaluate whether improved quality and amounts of high quality plastic waste can initiate creation of new European workplaces on plastic recycling and recovery.

In a survey on the market conditions, the market opportunities for regenerated/recycled plastics will be identified and evaluated, including identification of market barriers, new market opportunities for recycled plastics, and development of new products based on recycled polymers.

Recycling And Recovery Of Plastics

Further, the available recycling technologies will be analysed. The activity will conclude on the present options for recycling and determine the need for innovation of new technologies and systems for recycling of the specific waste materials. Selected technological options will be investigated in practice in cooperation with the business sector, including studies of demonstration plants and further exploitation of promising recycling technologies/ concepts.

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