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Plastic Waste Prevention

Updated last: 11 June 2012

The purpose of this action is to:

  • Demonstrate different approaches for plastic waste prevention
  • Establish cooperative forums for plastic waste prevention
  • Conduct surveys and test trials on plastic waste prevention

PlasticsEurope states that 38 % of plastics are used for packaging, 21 % for construction and 28 % for 'other applications' including health products. Prevention of plastic waste in these value chains has great potential.

In a survey technologies for eliminating or reducing plastic waste amounts will be identified and evaluated. The survey will include issues such as: reducing plastic contents in products and packaging, reducing the amount of hazardous ingredients, increase the life time of the product, reuse the product, substitute the product with product service solutions or behaviour change leading to non plastic use.

Cooperative forums will be established that involves experts on waste prevention to enhance the awareness on plastic waste prevention. Actors will be invited to join forums in accordance to their role in the targeted value chains e.g. actors from the retail industry and commercial and public suppliers.

A number of waste prevention approaches will be presented, including technological solutions and the organisational relations which they depend on. The aim of this activity is not to demonstrate all approaches identified or developed - but to test a palette of promising and varied options. Finally, the project will investigate, and where found possible, test options of innovative green public procurement, also known as 'technology procurement'. An important aspect of the survey will be to identify barriers and constraints for GPP, including ways of overcoming these.

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